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Warehousing and

Our Warehouse and Distribution Network Services offer short-term and long-term options as well as customized solutions. Our clients also benefit from a co-op delivery system that utilizes shared routes to drastically reduce transportation expenses and the savings are passed directly on to you.

The value of the services we offer goes beyond inventory management and beyond supply chain visibility strategic location means our warehouses and distribution centers are near to all oem and clients/suppliers they are carefully planned to meet their Just- in- time manufacturing requirements.

We are managing more than 10 lakh square feet of warehouse space at various areas over the nation, we provide customized integrated transportation solution

    Services include

  • Distribution center
  • Vendor managed inventory
  • Consolidation center
  • Cross- docking
  • Bonded and non- bonded facilities
  • Strong and managing inventory
  • Providing kitting services
  • Customized warehousing
  • Cost efficient distribution solution
  • In house logistics
  • Returnable asset management
  • Kaizen
  • Milk- run